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The Cycling Gene: A Contagious Passion

What is the magic gene that carries the passion for cycling from generation to generation? Come with us to visit cycling legend Stephen Roche, the oldest bike shop in the world and a family that rides together.

Stephen Roche won the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the World road race in just one year. He became the second cyclist in history to achieve this. Today, Stephen’s three sons are following in his footsteps and love cycling as much as he does.

In 1860, Pearson Cycles was established in Great Britain. It is the world’s oldest bike shop. To continue in the family tradition is both fulfilling and rewarding. “We strive to maintain the reputation set by the four previous generations. We love it,” say the Pearsons proudly 154 years later.

Even regular families are experiencing the contagious passion for cycling. Stuart Wickes and Kirstie Pelling decided the best way they could show their children the beauty of the world would be from the saddle of a bicycle. “Our children have pedalled their way around the world. We hope that one day they’ll instill this love of cycling in their own children,” claim Stuart and Kirstie.

That sums up the situation perfectly. Love for cycling is something we all hand down to our children. The ‘cycling gene’ has become a part of our DNA. Do you feel the same? Does your family have a similar story? Please share your story with us.