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L’Eroica: Preserving Cycling Heritage

By Adam Marsal

L’Eroica is a race celebrating the very best of cycling heritage. You can only race on a bicycle made before 1987 and whilst wearing vintage gear.

Here you can see that cycling races are not only about split second duels, energy drinks, carbon frames and Lycra. L’Eroica takes place every October in Tuscany, Italy and the participants dress in merino wool sweaters, leather shoes and caps with raised visors.

In 1997, the race took place for the first time with the goal to preserve old gravel roads called “strada bianche”. Today, thanks to the race, most of these roads are well marked and tended, so cyclists can ride whenever they fancy.

The name of the race describes it perfectly. The participants are real heroes. The bumpy stages are hell on the tires and falls are common. But the reward is near – the food. Instead of energy bars, everybody is looking forward to Tuscany cooking and bottles of Chianti. Of course, strictly to get closer to the golden age of cycling.

The race always attracts several thousand participants, who are treated to a lot of events and competitions. The pinnacle is a race with different levels of difficulty – from 28 to 205 kilometers.

If you like cycling, good food and wine, you can join on Eroica.it and start preparing for the next race!

Photos: Eroica.it, Profimedia.cz