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Would You Run Naked With The Peloton?

By Adam Ulrich

Wherever there’s a big sporting event, there are usually streakers and the Tour de France is a magnet for fans in flesh!

Fans in elaborate costumes have quite a good chance to make it on TV, but the easiest way to get the media’s attention is to trade in your apparel for a birthday suit. Simply put, get rid of your clothes and your moment of fame is sure to come. Oddly, there are almost no female streakers on the Tour. Does this mean men are more likely to expose themselves?

1. A Proud American

Cycling : 100th Tour de France 2013 / Stage 18
You can be a proud American patriot even without the clothes. All you need is the stars-and-stripes!

2. Catch Me If You Can

Cycling - Tour de France - Stage 17
Any rider would pick up the pace when being chased by these two men! 

3. The Shy Ones

Cycling : 100th Tour de France 2013 / Stage 1
Not every streaker is bold, or should we say ‘cheeky’ enough to completely strip down!

4. Those Under Cover

Naked, but covered up so they don’t offend the riders or perhaps show their shame!

5. A Blockade Of Butts!

Cycling : 100th Tour de France 2013 / Stage 14
This wall of nudity needs to get out of way quickly or they may become a speed bump!

All photos: Profimedia.cz