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Party Pics

By We Love Cycling

The fans that line the Tour routes really know how to party hard. The proof is in the pictures presented here, which may not increase your interest in the actual sport of cycling, but will make you wish you were there nonetheless.

One normally doesn’t wake up one morning and say, hey, let’s get a bunch of guys and spinning bikes together and go on down to the Tour for some fun.

Cycling : 100th Tour de France 2013 / Stage 1
(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

France’s Pierre Rolland with a supporter in banana costume during the 100th Tour.

(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

Don´t worry. This bunch of nuns is proof that even God supports Tour riders.

Cycling : 100th Tour de France 2013 / Stage 5
(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

A fan dressed as Spiderman gestures to indicate the way for cyclists between Tours and Saint-Amand-Montrond.

(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

Each nation gets into the spirit. The enthusiasm of the Norwegian Vikings can’t be missed.

Cycling : 100th Tour de France 2013 / Stage 9
(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

Britain’s supporters wearing dresses reading “Frommey”, in reference to Britain’s Christopher Froome, as they pose for the cameras waiting for the riders.

(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

A supporter disguised as Santa Claus during the 100th Tour.

(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

Didi Senft, aka The Tour Devil “El Diablo”, on his Eiffel Tower bike.

1.5 million cycling fans expected on alpe d'Huez for Tour de France
(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

Fans carrying American and Texan flags while the pack rides by during the 90th Tour.

(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

A guy giving bananas to riders for replenishment – the ape suit is just for fun.

(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

Text: Pavel Eichler