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  • winter-cycling-advice-from-the-cold-kids

    Winter Cycling Advice from “The Cold Kids”

    The winter months are here, and when the temperature starts to drop, it can take a strong person to work up the motivation to leave the house, let alone go for a cycle. Nevertheless, more and more cyclists are opting to explore the thrill of…

  • opinion-is-buying-cheap-winter-wheels-smart

    Opinion: Is Buying Cheap Winter Wheels Smart?

    Cheaping out often costs you a lot more than you saved. That’s especially true when we talk about winter tyres for your trusted bike. It’s an investment in your safer rides, and neglecting it may cost you dearly.

  • brace-yourself-winter-is-coming-yet-again

    Brace Yourself, Winter Is Coming Yet Again

    One should never underestimate the winter months, especially when you want to get on your bike and do what you do in summer. Cycling in winter is just as hard as writing anything new on the topic. But so you won’t get bored, this time…

  • how-to-avoid-crashing-in-winter

    How to Avoid Crashing in Winter

    If you are riding your bike this winter, you should be aware that the cold is probably the least of your worries – if only because there are relatively simple solutions to combatting the cold when you ride. Winter is also the most dangerous of…

  • 8-tips-for-managing-warmth-on-cold-winter-rides

    8 Tips for Managing Warmth on Cold Winter Rides

    Yes, there are high-tech turbo trainers, Zwift, and many other inventions that make indoor training fun and realistic but nothing beats the adventure of real winter outdoors cycling. If you’re one of those who want to keep cycling year-round, here are a few essential tips…

  • should-you-still-be-riding-raphas-festive500

    Should You Still Be Riding Rapha’s #Festive500?

    Now in its 12th year, Rapha’s Festive 500 has become an iconic challenge for cyclists wanting to push themselves during the Christmas period of 24th December – 31st December. It started on the cold south coast of England in Kent and has moved all over…

  • keep-yourself-and-your-bike-warm-this-winter

    Keep Yourself and Your Bike Warm This Winter

    If you live, as I do, in an area of the world where the weather has turned too cold to cycle in shorts and short sleeves, it’s time to decide what your fitness program for the approaching winter will be. If you have decided, as…

  • best-winter-cycling-shoes-to-beat-the-cold

    Best Winter Cycling Shoes to Beat the Cold

    You have decided to treat yourself to dedicated winter cycling shoes to beat the cold. But before you buy, you want to weigh up your options and learn the differences between models.