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  • the-day-hoogerland-almost-cried-after-a-crash

    The Day Hoogerland Almost Cried After a Crash

    The Tour de France definitely doesn’t lack its fair share of drama. This year, we saw some amazing finishes, especially the penultimate stage when Pogačar and Vingegaard went into a full-on battle for the stage win. This stage also offered a poetic moment as Thibaut…

  • the-story-of-chris-froome-and-his-legendary-mont-ventoux-push

    The Story of Chris Froome And His Legendary Mont Ventoux Push

    There is only a handful of moments in the history of the Tour de France where you could see a rider’s determination and fan’s support work like a well-oiled machine. In 2016, the then-leader of the Tour, Chris Froome, experienced that first hand during the…

  • the-most-notable-changes-in-the-rules-of-le-tour

    The Most Notable Changes In The Rules Of Le Tour

    The Tour de France, since its inception in 1903, has undergone numerous rule changes, evolving to accommodate the demands of our sport. In this piece I’ll highlight some of the most notable changes in the history of ‘Le Grand Boucle’ to try and shed some…

  • how-charly-gaul-became-the-angel-of-the-mountains

    How Charly Gaul Became the Angel of the Mountains

    No other sporting event has produced as many legends as the Tour de France in its century-old history. Every generation has at least 2 or 3 cyclists worthy of becoming household names (at least in the cycling community). However, just a few deserve to be…

  • when-a-child-saved-the-day-for-jens-voigt-at-the-tour

    When a Child Saved the Day for Jens Voigt at the Tour

    The Tour de France is, without a doubt, the most thrilling sports event in the world. No other race has so much drama, so many adrenaline-pumping moments as this race does. Tears of joy, heartaches, celebrations, and drama always come hand in hand when hundreds…

  • the-story-of-indurain-and-riis-at-the-1996-tour-de-france

    The Story of Indurain and Riis at the 1996 Tour de France

    Coming into the 1996 Tour, Miguel “Big Mig” Indurain was the favourite. He’d won his fifth Tour the year before and wanted to be the first person ever to win this Grand Tour six times. Bjarne Riis was one of the few daring challengers. His…

  • the-origin-story-of-the-tour-de-france

    The Origin Story of the Tour de France

    The first Tour de France took place over 100 years ago, back in 1903. Do you know why the race was held and who had the idea for cyclists to go around the whole of France?