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  • your-best-pre-ride-warmup-sequence

    Your Best Pre-ride Warmup Sequence

    You might have heard that foam rolling and stretching are excellent means of increasing your range of motion and thereby improving your cycling performance. But no one has determined if the order in which you perform these exercises has any bearing on their effectiveness.

  • physiotherapist-cycling-stretching-legs

    Physiotherapist on Cycling: STRETCHING – Legs

    Today’s stretching focuses on legs, which should be stretched thoroughly after training or riding, and at least some parts (anterior thighs, calves, adductors) should be stretched beforehand, too. You can also do these exercises on a free day, as a prevention of shortened muscles.

  • physiotherapist-cycling-stretching-back

    Physiotherapist on Cycling: STRETCHING – BACK

    Today’s stretching focuses on the spine and is suitable for everyone. I would especially recommend it to cyclists, who are often stuck in one position, with no possibility for a major change of their posture, which makes their muscles prone to stiffening and painfulness.

  • physiotherapist-cycling-stretching-arms

    Physiotherapist on Cycling: STRETCHING – Arms

    Today’s stretching is recommended especially but not only to cyclists, who most often have shortened pectoral muscles, stiffened shoulders and strained forearm muscles. The following stretches are also suitable for people who work many hours a day in front of a computer or often sit…

  • physiotherapist-cycling-stretching-cervical-spine

    Physiotherapist on Cycling: STRETCHING – CERVICAL SPINE

    Stretching is generally very important, and it’s even more important for athletes. Today’s stretching is suitable mainly for people with problems in the cervical spine area, which are in most cases caused by incorrect head position. This can happen especially when you ride a bike while…