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  • lessons-learned-from-11-years-of-teaching-children-to-be-safe-in-traffic

    Lessons Learned from 11 Years of Teaching Children to Be Safe in Traffic

    Miroslav Polách is a road safety expert at the Czech agency BESIP, the local equivalent of the European Transport Safety Council. Every year, he meets hundreds of children in kindergartens and elementary schools, and at events for the general public to teach them the rules…

  • family-cycling-matters-and-heres-why

    Family Cycling Matters! And Here’s Why

    Family cycling is a fun and engaging activity that offers a multitude of benefits for both the individual and the family as a whole. From promoting physical health and mental well-being to strengthening relationships and encouraging sustainable behaviour, the advantages of cycling together as a…

  • the-best-bike-lights-for-kids

    The Best Bike Lights for Kids

    The days are getting longer, but it always pays to have a good set of lights ready to go. Early spring can be a great time to buy them too, as you’re likely to find plenty of great offers from shops clearing out their winter…

  • how-to-make-autumn-cycling-fun-for-your-kids

    How to Make Autumn Cycling Fun for Your Kids

    As is the case with many outdoor activities, motivation to ride a bike can start to wane as the days get chillier and the sun sets earlier. There’s a temptation to hunker down in front of the television with a plate of snacks and call…

  • buying-your-kids-first-or-second-bike

    Buying Your Kid’s First (or Second) Bike

    You’ve just realized that your child is getting too big for the balance bikes he or she’s been riding all summer and that it’s time to look for a real two-wheeler. (Yes, they do grow up very fast.) You want your child to have a…

  • how-to-get-your-child-excited-to-ride-their-bike-to-school

    How to Get Your Child Excited to Ride Their Bike to School

    Back to school is just around the corner, and after a very strange year, it is safe to say that many kids, and parents alike, are looking forward to getting back into a more predictable routine. After all the chaos and uncertainty caused by the…