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Tag: How to Enjoy Your Cycling Summer

  • how-to-enjoy-your-cycling-summer-lemonade

    How to Enjoy Your Cycling Summer – Lemonade

    Lemonades are synonymous with summer. What could be more refreshing than a cool zesty drink when you’re riding in the hot summer sun. And the right kind of lemonade can even help you in your training. Let’s take a look at how to find it…

  • how-to-enjoy-your-cycling-summer-coffee-stops

    How to Enjoy Your Cycling Summer – Coffee Stops

    Stopping at a local coffee house on group rides or enjoying a pleasant caffeine break on your solo ride is a wonderful part of cycling culture. Coffee stops are fun, they support local businesses, give you a boost, and offer an opportunity to socialize. But…

  • how-to-enjoy-your-cycling-summer-bbq-and-grilling

    How to Enjoy Your Cycling Summer – BBQ and Grilling

    Are you wondering how to enjoy a BBQ with your friends and family on a warm summer evening while not breaking your healthy eating habits? Grilling makes food look and smell great but is it good for you? The following tips and tricks will make…

  • how-to-enjoy-your-cycling-summer-ice-cream

    How to Enjoy Your Cycling Summer – Ice Cream

    It’s creamy, cold, and sweet and we all love it! But it’s also loaded with calories, sugar, and fat. What are the downsides of eating ice cream? Is there a way to enjoy this summer treat as a part of a healthy cycling diet? Let’s…

  • how-to-enjoy-your-cycling-summer-beer

    How to Enjoy Your Cycling Summer – Beer

    A coffee-stop midway and a cold beer at the finish line. Sounds like a recipe for a great summer ride, right? Beer is a big part of recreational cycling. But is it safe? How many beers should you have? And are there any downsides or…