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  • the-flexitarian-cyclist-should-you-do-it

    The Flexitarian Cyclist – Should You Do It?

    The flexitarian diet gives a lot of freedom, but does it make sense for an active cyclist? How hard is it to follow? What are the key considerations when you’re an athlete? Let’s take a look and help you decide if you should give this…

  • the-flexitarian-cyclist-sample-meal-plan

    The Flexitarian Cyclist – Sample Meal Plan

    If you want to eat healthier, reduce junk food, focus mainly on plant-based food but don’t want to restrict too much, the flexitarian diet is perfect. It gives you the option to keep most of the foods you like as long as you focus mainly…

  • the-flexitarian-cyclist-benefits

    The Flexitarian Cyclist – Benefits

    Even flexible diets can be really beneficial. The flexitarian diet is the perfect example. It’s a bit like the vegetarian diet but it gives you the option to enjoy meat and fish sometimes, too. This is also why it offers a lot of the health…

  • the-flexitarian-cyclist-how-does-it-work

    The Flexitarian Cyclist: How Does It Work?

    If most diets seem too strict then going flexitarian might be the perfect solution for you. In short, it’s a vegetarian diet that gives you the freedom to include fish and meat on occasion. Let’s take a look at how it works, what kind of…