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  • off-roading-on-an-e-bike-is-it-possible

    Off-Roading on an E-Bike: Is It Possible?

    Once upon a time, electric bikes were seen as the ‘lazy’ option, ridden only by older folk who had maybe retired and had little desire to push themselves physically. As we now know, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

  • the-10-donts-of-e-mountain-biking

    The 10 Don’ts of E-Mountain Biking

    E-mountain bikes (E-MTB) are becoming more and more popular among avid downhill riders, enduro enthusiasts and even cross-country fans. And that’s anything but a shocker. You can’t really blame a person wishing to speed down a slope that even mountain goats find a bit reckless…

  • big-bubba-keeps-riding-despite-the-incredible-pain

    Big Bubba Keeps Riding Despite the Incredible Pain

    Even though he’s only 135 cm tall, Jakub Ouvin from the Czech Republic is considered a big man by his cycling friends. Despite struggling with pain caused by his height disadvantage and a poor selection of bicycles for his size, “Big Bubba” never even considered…

  • stefan-schlie-new-horizons-of-electrified-mountain-biking

    Stefan Schlie: New Horizons of Electrified Mountain Biking

    After a long and fortunate trial-biking career, Stefan Schlie became one of the first professional riders using an e-bike on a daily basis. As a Bosch ambassador, he is now one of the most acclaimed pioneers of the e-MTB world. Should e-bikers share the same…