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  • top-10-tips-for-getting-your-kids-excited-about-your-cycling-vacation

    Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Kids Excited About Your Cycling Vacation

    Taking your kids on a cycling vacation is a great way of either introducing them to or continuing a lifelong love of cycling. Creating a positive experience with them means they’re likely to continue cycling long into the future. It’s worth investing the time and…

  • seven-reasons-to-get-out-on-your-bike-as-a-family-this-winter

    Seven Reasons to Get Out on Your Bike as a Family This Winter

    Getting your family out and about over the colder months will set them up for a lifetime of embracing the changing seasons. By encouraging safe cycling measures such as being visible, keeping on top of bike maintenance and wrapping up warm, children will relish the…

  • tips-for-keeping-children-warm-on-a-bike-ride

    Tips For Keeping Children Warm On A Bike Ride

    Whether you’re hoping to continue the cycle-to-school run or you’re heading out for a regular Sunday saunter, keeping children warm on bike rides will be important to maintaining their motivation and enjoyment through the colder months.

  • bizarre-fantasies-of-children-portraying-cycling-experiences

    Bizarre Fantasies of Children Portraying Cycling Experiences

    While visiting a private kindergarten, we kindly asked the kids if they could draw or paint any memories influenced by cycling. The result was surprising. The kids created fanciful universes where people, alongside animals and supernatural beings, share the joy of commuting on two or…

  • three-best-100km-8-day-cycling-summer-vacations-kids

    Three Best 100km 8-Day Cycling Summer Vacations with Your Kids

    Once you decide to spend the holidays both on a bike and with your kids, you should pick the destination carefully. It must not be too hilly or too hot, and also various distractions are welcome as kids get weary of monotonous pedalling very quickly.

  • video-dutch-way-cycle-babies

    VIDEO: The Dutch Way – How to Cycle with Babies

    Yeah, we know that when it comes to urban cycling the Dutch take it all. While it might be tiring to be constantly slapped across the face with their resourcefulness and high-standard way of life, we should look past our pride and start taking notes…