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  • prep-your-road-shoes-for-winter

    Prep Your Road Shoes For Winter

    The warm weather is behind us for now. With every degree the mercury drops, the temptation of staying home on the couch grows. You’ve only got one pair of road shoes and getting cold feet on a ride is your biggest deterrent.

  • best-winter-cycling-shoes-to-beat-the-cold

    Best Winter Cycling Shoes to Beat the Cold

    You have decided to treat yourself to dedicated winter cycling shoes to beat the cold. But before you buy, you want to weigh up your options and learn the differences between models. 

  • the-best-bikepacking-shoes-for-2021

    The Best Bikepacking Shoes for 2021

    Choosing shoes for bikepacking and cycling, in general, is not an easy task. There are many factors to take into consideration. Clipless of flat. Waterproof or light and breathable. Stiff or soft. Wide or narrow. It can be very expensive research by trial and error…