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Tag: Cycling in the Cold

  • fueling-that-cold-winter-ride

    Fueling that Cold Winter Ride

    As you would expect, cycling in winter requires different fuel for your body than when the weather is more temperate. For starters, you need more calories and less fluid, because you’ll be perspiring less, and therefore losing less water, and you’ll be working harder, because…

  • how-to-avoid-crashing-in-winter

    How to Avoid Crashing in Winter

    If you are riding your bike this winter, you should be aware that the cold is probably the least of your worries – if only because there are relatively simple solutions to combatting the cold when you ride. Winter is also the most dangerous of…

  • innovative-textile-opens-vents-when-you-sweat

    Innovative Textile Opens Vents When You Sweat

    Scientists from Duke University came up with a new material that will keep you dry and warm when exercising. Future jerseys made from this material would regulate your temperature by automatically opening micro-vents when you sweat and closing them when you’re dry. This could change…

  • 8-tips-for-managing-warmth-on-cold-winter-rides

    8 Tips for Managing Warmth on Cold Winter Rides

    Yes, there are high-tech turbo trainers, Zwift, and many other inventions that make indoor training fun and realistic but nothing beats the adventure of real winter outdoors cycling. If you’re one of those who want to keep cycling year-round, here are a few essential tips…

  • keep-yourself-and-your-bike-warm-this-winter

    Keep Yourself and Your Bike Warm This Winter

    If you live, as I do, in an area of the world where the weather has turned too cold to cycle in shorts and short sleeves, it’s time to decide what your fitness program for the approaching winter will be. If you have decided, as…

  • hypothermia-may-go-unnoticed-when-cycling-in-the-cold

    Hypothermia May Go Unnoticed When Cycling in the Cold

    New research suggests that exercising makes it harder to notice drops in core body temperature in a cold environment. This has implications for cycling and other sports done in colder climates such as running, hiking, skiing, and even swimming.