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  • lessons-learned-from-11-years-of-teaching-children-to-be-safe-in-traffic

    Lessons Learned from 11 Years of Teaching Children to Be Safe in Traffic

    Miroslav Polách is a road safety expert at the Czech agency BESIP, the local equivalent of the European Transport Safety Council. Every year, he meets hundreds of children in kindergartens and elementary schools, and at events for the general public to teach them the rules…

  • the-best-bike-lights-for-kids

    The Best Bike Lights for Kids

    The days are getting longer, but it always pays to have a good set of lights ready to go. Early spring can be a great time to buy them too, as you’re likely to find plenty of great offers from shops clearing out their winter…

  • how-to-fit-a-childs-bike

    How to Fit a Child’s Bike

    It’s time to get your child a new bike but where do you begin? Getting the right fit can be a confusing process but measuring your child for a new bike is crucial to ensuring they enjoy their bike rides.

  • is-it-a-bike-say-hello-to-the-first-balance-e-bike-for-kids

    Is it a Bike? Say Hello to the First Balance E-Bike for Kids!

    We Love Cycling contributor Richard Gasperotti is a professional biker who loves to spend as much time as humanly possible with his 6-year-old daughter Eleanora. This summer, he arranged a special surprise for her with a new bicycle. Actually, it’s neither a bicycle nor a…

  • teach-your-kids-to-ride-a-bicycle-in-4-easy-steps

    Teach Your Kids to Ride a Bicycle in 4 Easy Steps

    Do you still remember your first bike ride like if it were yesterday? Years are running fast and now the time has come to pass the skills onto the next generation. Luckily, there are some new training methods, so let us guide you through the…

  • how-to-be-the-best-cycling-mum

    How to Be the Best Cycling Mum

    Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for any child. Although, whether it’s more terrifying for the child or the parent is up for debate. Either way, once kids learn to ride, it’s something that can become a shared lifelong passion for…