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Tag: Chasing Marginal Gains

  • chasing-marginal-gains-aero-upgrades

    Chasing Marginal Gains – Aero Upgrades

    Some of the biggest aero gains are definitely going to come from your position on the bike. Getting aerobars and a good bike fit are the places to start if you want to cover your basics. But this article is about marginal gains – the…

  • chasing-marginal-gains-recovery-drinks

    Chasing Marginal Gains – Recovery Drinks

    What should the ideal recovery drink for cycling look like? How much protein and carbs should be in it? And what’s the best timing? Let’s take a closer look at how you can optimise this piece of your nutrition strategy.

  • chasing-marginal-gains-pulse-oximetry

    Chasing Marginal Gains – Pulse Oximetry

    Measuring oxygen saturation is something a lot of wearable devices are offering nowadays. Do you know how to use this metric to inform your training and recovery? Let’s take a closer look at how to find marginal gains with pulse oximetry for altitude training and…

  • chasing-marginal-gains-beta-alanine

    Chasing Marginal Gains: Beta-Alanine

    Marginal gains have been popularised in cycling by Team Sky a few years back. But it’s not something exclusive to professional cyclists. Anyone who has been cycling for a while and has already dialled in the basics of training, nutrition, and recovery can go further.…