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  • cgm-in-cycling-the-evolution-and-future-trends

    CGM in Cycling – The Evolution and Future Trends

    The evolution of continuous glucose monitoring has been rapid! It went from a wired Walkman-sized device for diabetics in 1999 to a wireless gadget the size of a coin that athletes use nowadays. Let’s take a quick look at how far has the technology progressed…

  • cgm-in-cycling-myths

    CGM in Cycling – Myths

    Continuous glucose monitoring has a lot of benefits and there are practical ways to use it in training as a cyclist. But there are also a lot of myths about these devices and about monitoring glucose in general. Let’s take a closer look at the…

  • cgm-in-cycling-benefits

    CGM in Cycling – Benefits

    Why should you care about your glucose levels? There are several cycling related benefits that come from understanding how food and exercise impact your blood sugar. Continuous glucose monitors allow you to do that while training, eating, recovering, and sleeping. Let’s take a closer look.

  • cgm-in-cycling-what-is-it

    CGM in Cycling – What is It?

    Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) has been a term increasing in popularity in cycling and sports in general. It’s time to take a closer look at it to see if it’s something that you should consider trying or if it’s just a fad that will soon…