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  • calorie-counting-how-to-do-it-right

    Calorie Counting – How to Do It Right

    If you’ve been following our series, you know that counting calories can be helpful but also pretty hard if you’re out in the real world. Let’s look at a few helpful tips and how to set up a follow-up plan that will allow you to…

  • calorie-counting-why-its-hard

    Calorie Counting – Why It’s Hard

    If you’ve ever tried counting calories, you know that it’s not an easy thing. Noting down every bite of food and every sip of beverage takes determination. Let’s look at the difficulties of calorie counting and how to overcome them.

  • calorie-counting-doesnt-work-calories-2

    Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work – Calories-Out

    How much of that greasy burger with French fries did the last bike ride burn off? Can I still squeeze that bowl of chips for TV into my calorie budget for the day? Many people think that questions like these can be accurately answered with…

  • calorie-counting-doesnt-work-calories

    Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work – Calories-In

    So many people are counting calories to manage their weight these days and they are all making one big mistake. They are assuming calorie counting is an exact science. Whenever someone pulls out their food log or opens the latest calorie tracking app, they are…