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  • fitness-trackers-are-they-accurate

    Fitness Trackers – Are They Accurate?

    Are fitness trackers reliable when measuring your step count, calories burned or heart rate? What influences fitness tracker accuracy? Can you do something to increase the chances of getting accurate data? Let’s take a look at what the research shows.

  • your-metabolism-slows-down-much-later-than-you-think

    Your Metabolism Slows Down Much Later Than You Think

    “I started gaining weight no matter what I ate after turning 30 years old!” You hear this often. Some people blame it on their 30s others on their 40s or 50s. And it’s always the slowing metabolism that gets the blame. A new study shows…

  • cycling-vs-swimming-which-is-better

    Cycling vs Swimming: Which is Better?

    There’s no risk of crashing when you go swimming. But cycling is much easier to learn. Which of these sports is better for your health? Which burns more calories and helps lose weight? Let’s take a closer look at both cycling and swimming to try…

  • cycling-vs-running-which-is-better

    Cycling vs Running: Which Is Better?

    Cycling causes fewer injuries and lets you explore farther. Running is cheaper and better for burning calories. Which one is better for health and for weight loss? Which one is more fun? What’s the ultimate answer to the cycling vs running question?