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  • get-your-friends-into-cycling-get-them-excited

    Get Your Friends into Cycling – Get them Excited

    The world could always use more cyclists. We want to help make that happen with this series. Let’s look at how to get new people excited about cycling, how to plan the perfect first ride, and how to keep them interested over the long term.…

  • andy-schleck-how-to-help-your-kid-become-a-pro-cyclist

    Andy Schleck: How to Help Your Kid Become a Pro Cyclist

    Do you want to know how the Tour de France winner Andy Schleck inspires his kids to enjoy sports? We talked to him about the topic of introducing kids to professional sports and what he has to say about the role of a parent in…

  • training-at-home-by-andy-schleck

    Training Tips by Andy Schleck

    We interviewed the Tour de France winner Andy Schleck about his training habits as a professional and as an amateur road cyclist now that he is retired. Here is what he told us about his indoor setup, cross-training, nutrition, and hydration.

  • how-did-bodies-of-the-tour-de-france-riders-change-over-time

    How Did Bodies of the Tour de France Riders Change Over Time

    Have you ever thought about the hypothetical chance to win the Tour de France if you really tried? Let us skip contemplations about training, financial support and a bit of luck as we want to focus entirely on the potential hidden within the human body.…

  • best-cycling-locations-by-andy-schleck

    Best Cycling Locations by Andy Schleck

    Where should you go cycling if you want to train like the Tour de France winner Andy Schleck? What does he consider the hardest, most memorable, and most beautiful cycling routes in the world? Where would he send you for a cycling vacation? Here is…

  • andy-schleck-everything-i-do-i-give-it-my-100-per-cent

    Andy Schleck: “Everything I do, I Give It My 100 Per Cent.”

    Our #Ride2Unite initiative launched to support and entertain the cycling community brought together in another livestream Spanish Eurosport presenter Laura Meseguer and the well-known Luxembourgish ex road racing treasure Andy Schleck who shone some light on his life now and then, comparing the pro life…