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  • what-stories-does-an-mtb-guides-backpack-reveal

    What Stories Does an MTB Guide’s Backpack Reveal?

    A professional guide never thinks only of themselves. Whether it’s a brown bear attack, an open femur fracture, an unexpected storm on the mountain top or stitching a chin three days away from the nearest doctor, a mountain guide must be prepared to face any…

  • 7-extremely-cheap-mtb-upgrades

    7 Extremely Cheap MTB Upgrades

    Do you know the feeling right before your monthly salary is due, and you are already looking for what to buy for your bike? Your heart is beating faster, your pupils are dilated, and you have this strange feeling in your stomach. That’s what I…

  • spring-mtb-riding-mistakes-everyone-does

    Spring MTB Riding Mistakes Everyone Does

    Spring is finally here, and the MTB season is already underway. Mostly. Those who prefer to skip the winter riding are just heading out. There is nothing like the vibrance one feels once the sun starts shining and we all hit the local trails to…

  • the-5-types-of-mud-only-mtb-riders-can-distinguish

    The 5 Types of Mud Only MTB Riders Can Distinguish

    There is a lot one can learn from mountain biking. That’s hardly a surprise at all, especially considering the technique, the mechanics and the etiquette that comes with this particular type of bike riding. However, one thing that may come as a shock is that…