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  • 7-essential-mtb-spares-you-need-to-have-at-all-times

    7 Essential MTB Spares You Need to Have at All Times

    We all love to test our bike’s endurance. Not that we want to harm them. But let’s be honest. When going on a downhill slope with all the jumping, rough terrain, and thrilling features, our riding style is quite demanding to our trusted two-wheeled friends.…

  • mastering-descents-7-tips-to-improve-your-skills

    Mastering Descents: 7 Tips to Improve Your Skills

    Everyone loves descending. It’s your reward for climbing that God-awful peak, col or whatever you want to call it. When spending an hour climbing a 5-10% gradient, you certainly deserve the exhilaration, thrill and adrenaline that comes on the way down.