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Christmas Gift Ideas for Our Fellow Cyclists

By Jiri Kaloc

Whether you want to buy something small for your cycling friend, go big on a cycling gift for a family member, or want something truly last minute, we’ve got you covered. Here is a bunch of ideas for you to scroll through!

Must Go Hard bidon

You can never have too many water bottles, especially the cool ones. Check out Spurcycle’s offerings. They have some truly fun designs. And if you’re short on time, you can be sure to find bidons in almost any sports store. Just go with the colour of your friend’s bicycle!

Must go hard bidon

Muc-Off’s Wet Weather Lube

Most cyclists have some sort of lubricant in their arsenal. But not many have the perfect one for winter-cycling conditions. The one from Muc-Off contains no harmful acids, CFCs or solvents, and it is biodegradable.

Sealskinz waterproof cold-weather socks

You can never go wrong with socks for Christmas. But you can go extra right! Sealskinz is the benchmark in waterproof socks. Their cold-weather version includes a Merino lining for maximum snugness, and a Hydrostop seal around the inside of the cuff, which makes it harder for water to work its way in. Every bad-weather cyclist will appreciate a truly technical sock!

Bialetti Moka Express coffee maker

Do you have a cycling friend who loves coffee but isn’t an expert in coffee preparation? The Bialetti moka is the perfect gift. It’s the easiest way to make a truly tasty coffee at home or on the road. The flavour of the beverage it produces is richer than coffee from a French press or a drip coffee maker. Plus, it’s a great companion for your bikepacking trips!

Bialetti moka

Gore C5 Gore-Tex gloves

Sticking with the winter theme, a pair of the right gloves can transform anyone’s cycling experience in cold weather. They are most appropriate for those who commute on a bicycle. Even if your friend has a pair, it never hurts to have a quality backup! Gore-Tex’s excellent balance of weather protection and breathability keep hands dry and comfortable during the worst weather.

Compact stylish multitool

There’s not a lot of space on most bikes, so being able to keep tools in the smallest possible package matters. The Pro Bike Tool Bike Multitool includes 17 of the most important tools in a stylish package. The flat design not only looks cool but is great for fitting into a jersey or a small under-seat cycling bag.

Bicycle multitool

Fizik Terra Bondcush handlebar tape

Most cyclists don’t pay attention to the state of their handlebar tape until it literally starts falling off. This is a great gift idea to help your cycling friend appreciate just how much of a difference it makes for ride comfort. The Fizik Terra Bondcush tape is designed for grip and comfort. At 3mm thick and with a special vibration-absorbing core, it will make any bicycle nicer to ride.

Smart indoor trainer

If you want to go big, then a turbo trainer is the ultimate gift that can give any cyclist the ability to train all year round, no matter the weather. Don’t worry if you don’t really know which one to get. We have a whole article recommending the best smart indoor trainers for 2022.

Strava subscription

If you’re looking for a true last-minute gift, then consider getting your friend or a family member a Strava subscription. Strava is the cyclist’s social media platform. Cyclists share their rides, Strava segment success, and cheer each other on. With a subscription, Strava becomes an evaluation tool and training aid, with advanced analytics and personalised coaching, as well as safety features, personal heatmaps and route-planning capability.