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The Best Funny Cycling T-Shirts to Put a Smile on the Face of the Cyclists in Your Life This Christmas

By Megan Flottorp

Although we can sometimes be accused of lacking a sense of humour, the truth is that all true cyclists are just fun-loving children at heart. So, it is no surprise that we love poking fun at ourselves or finding creative ways to use some aspect of our beloved sport to elicit a laugh. 

An on-point funny T-shirt lets your cycling fam know you understand them and, of course, is always a good reminder to all of us not to take ourselves too seriously. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift option that is still big on heart and personality—you are in the right place!

Here are some of our favourite cycling T-shirts to gift to others (or yourself) this holiday season.

For the all-weather rider  

Cycling T-Shirt

Just don’t forget to remind them in the card that if they plan on sporting this T-Shirt, they’ve forfeited all rights to skip a ride due to weather.

For the hardcore enthusiast 

Cycling T-Shirt

We all have that cycling friend who thrives on the drama of the sport (throwing themselves epically on the ground when you break for a cake stop, etc.). Make them feel seen with this piece.

For the pal who’d definitely try to outride the law

Handlebars T-Shirt

In all seriousness, though. We are grateful to be behind this set of bars every day of the week.

For the future Tour de France champ

Cycling T-Shirt for Kids

If they’re the offspring of cyclists, you know they will not have a say in the matter anyway. Best start them early.

For the first who is always thirsty 


Bicycle Jersey

We hear you, buddy. Here you go.

For those with their own theory about evolution

Cycling T-Shirt

Makes sense to us. Here’s the jersey for you.

For the grape juice enthusiasts amongst us

Women's Cycling Jersey

Who says wine and cycling don’t go together?

For your KOM or QOM all-star  

Strava T-Shirt

Because Strava is life.

For the crash hero 

MTB T-shirt

Keep your chin up, champ!

There’s no denying the fact that cycling can push us to our limits, but these light-hearted reminders to keep things in perspective can help us get through the tough times with a little more levity. If that’s not worth raising a glass of holiday cheer to, we don’t know what is!