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Drivers More Patient with Cyclists and Other Cool News from the World of Cycling

By Monica Buck

Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it. So, what did you miss?

More patience since lockdown

A survey was conducted in the UK by breakdown firm Green Flag and it revealed that nearly a third of drivers believed they were being more patient with cyclists on the road. The researchers spoke to 1,000 drivers and 1,000 cyclists, and 36 per cent of respondents claimed they had noticed an increase in patience between motorists and cyclists.

The improvement was most noticeable in London. More than half of the drivers said they have found a new understanding for people who cycle since the lockdown restrictions were eased. Drivers said their biggest concern was cyclists skipping red lights. Cyclists, on the other hand, were most worried about vehicles driving too close.

London roadblocks to restrict traffic in place to create ‘cycle highways’ and encourage cycling on Railton Road (July 2020) © Profimedia

“There has always been somewhat of a rivalry between drivers and cyclists competing for space on UK roads. While this research does show that there is still some existing tension amongst both, it is promising that with cycling gaining such popularity during the lockdown period, there is an increased understanding between them,” Mark Newberry, commercial director at Green Flag, said of the research.

If the horrible pandemic brought about one good thing, more respect towards one another would be a good one. Stay on the safe side, everyone! And see you on the road.

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