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Vätternrundan: The Greatest Swedish Cycling Race Goes Virtual

By Frantiska Blazkova

It’s no surprise these days that yet another cycling event moved its whereabouts on the World Wide Web. The highlight of the season, Vätternrundan, is the biggest recreational race in the world with a yearly turnout of about 20.000 participants from countries across the globe. Well, at least it usually is. Unsurprisingly, due to the Covid-19 wrench in the works, it’s been moved to performance tracking sites.

The scenic route of the race takes place around the Vättern lake and it’s 315 kilometres long. But the 2020 edition leaves the course entirely up to the participant – they’re free to do it wherever in the world they found themselves at the moment! The organisers let you register here or through the RaceONE app and then you need either a Strava or a Zwift account you can use with your smartphone, smartwatch or cycle computer to log your kms and you’re all set! The only requirement for a successful finish is to amass the required 315 km between 5th and 13th June 2020 but when, where and how you do it is entirely up to you. Indoors on a stationary bike, outdoors on your trusty road steed, at night or during the day, gradually during the whole period or challenging yourself for two days, any ride logged between these dates will automatically count as a part of the race. The Vätternrundan site will guide you through the whole process, should you have questions. Any registered rides who’ll finish the race will receive a digital diploma and the winners will have their medals sent via post. Additionally, you will have a chance to win great prizes from the race’s sponsors.

Vätternrundan in 2019

The team of cycling enthusiasts of the Swedish Škoda branch diligently prepares for the race every year and 2020 is no different. This time, their 30-member team broke up into smaller groups of 10 and is planning to livestream their whole experience with this new challenging format of a race event. Their goal is to finish the course in under 8 hours (amounting to approx. 40 km/h for 8 hours). The team’s core is made of 15 professional riders who take 15 interesting people, influencers and strong amateurs under their wings and train them and mentor them through the whole race each year. So, if you like a challenge but from the observer’s point of view, you can watch the Swedish Škoda team’s fast-paced livestream with GoPros and on-board car cameras here.

As the Vätternrundan site opening line reads: “Whatever you do, do not stop pedalling.” It’s still not too late to register – are you in? Tell us in the comments!