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How to Properly Carry Your Pet on a Bicycle

By Adam Marsal

It takes time before you teach your dog to run beside your bike in order to avoid collision with other vehicles. But what about the other pets that deserve a ride? Would you leave your cats, rabbits or hamsters home alone? Follow these easy steps and your pets will become the same cycling enthusiasts as you are.

(Disclaimer: The advice in this article is to be approached with common sense.)

Bicycle cargo

This is the simplest way of transporting other creatures. Since a cargo bike is good to carry kids or beer kegs, it will work well even for four-legged pets.


Towing chariot behind your rear wheel is a popular way of getting your kids involved. The same mean of transport will be well received by your animals, though. To make it as much dog-friendly as possible, it’s recommended to enhance the seat with a leash that keeps your curious friend inside even if you halt by a rotten fish accidentally laying on the roadside.


A pin-up girl carrying a cat, a rabbit or even sloth in a bike basket is almost like a cliché. Apparently, the basket fitted to the handlebars is suitable for smaller breeds rather than great Danes or mastiffs, which seem to be condemned to stay off the bicycle. Slightly heavier dogs might be carried in a basket supported with a rack. A bow between the ears is always a must!

A basket at the back

This option is not for every pet as it assumes your animal will stay quiet and seated even unattended. The right option for anyone looking for an easy way to lose a barking, slobbery thing belonging to your beloved. Just say, “Honey, it has been right behind me just a second ago,” and everything will be forgiven.

In a purse

You must have seen it so many times before – a man wearing a Yorkshire Terrier or some other similar house mouse in a handbag. If it works for a walk in a park, why not to try this on a bike. Highly recommended for football players/lovers and their sofa predators.

Around your neck

Especially smaller pets like lizards, spiders or snakes would easily hop on for a ride. Constrictor snakes might cause minor breath inconveniences, however, nothing that could not be solved by a dose of salbutamol.

With the rest of your household

We got inspired by the people of some Asian countries that have the ability to use bikes as efficiently as possible. This way, they transport three kids, two piglets, a flock of caged hens, and a cupboard on a single bike.