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The Best Response to Every Weird Cycling Question Your Family Will Ask You

By Adam Marsal

Sometimes our passion for cycling is simply too much for the rest of the family. Inevitably, we experience moments of misunderstanding that could easily result into home quarrels. What’s the perfect clap back when your loved ones start interrogating you?

Do you really think the bike will fit into the trunk?

No worries, the bike will squeeze in. We can leave Rachel’s stroller at home, though.

How much did your new bike cost?

It was a bargain – 1000 EUR only! (About a brand new carbon-fibre bike with an average retail price of 4999 EUR but you’re the only one who knows.)

How about visiting my mother and spending some nice time with her on Sunday?

You know very well that I spend every Sunday riding with my mates after my doctor approved cycling as the best possible prevention of a heart attack.

How many times did I tell you to buy baby food for David?

But look at this great new powerful light for my night rides I just discovered at the bike shop!

Do you really need to leave the wet cycling kit on the floor?

Sorry, I was just too tired after the great meal you cooked for me after the ride.

Would you buy something at IKEA for me today?

I can’t reschedule the ride as it’s such a nice weather today and tomorrow is supposed to rain.

Is it really necessary to have your bike in the living room? All my friends say you went nuts…

Listen, the bike could get stolen from the balcony. And actually, do you know it’s even more expensive than our car?

Such a dirty piece of a bike and you want to wash it in our bathroom?

And how about Max? Was it alright to put him in the shower after our beloved golden retriever rolled in a decomposed boar?

How come you borrowed my razor for shaving your legs without asking again?

Darling, I love you so much, I thought we could share…

Why do you spend so much on new bike parts?

Should I rather go to the pub every Friday as most of my colleagues?