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Six Tips for Cycling Christmas Gifts by Jiri Jezek

By Jiří Ježek

Pro rider style name stickers

Every cyclist would appreciate a set of small stickers with a national flag or logo and a pro rider’s name (plus e.g. rider’s blood type) to put on the bike frame, helmet etc. Not an expensive present either, the price is $11.95 and it’s easy to order on-line. (eg bikersstickers.com)

Custom made road tyres or tubeless tyres

Having a rider’s name or a motivational message on a bike frame or a helmet is no big deal but to have it printed on your regular or tubeless tyres? Some producers and manufacturers offer limited editions of custom made road tyres with a name, a simple logo, motto, or a personalized message. Nice present for keen road cyclist, isn’t it? Price starts at 75 EUR and can go up to 120 EUR per pair. Again, there’s nothing easier than to order on-line. (eg TUFO.com)

Entry fee to a popular cycling race or event

November or early December is the perfect time to go on-line and book a starting number for some of the more popular cycling races, marathons or similar cycling events. Let’s bring some extra motivation to your partner, family member or a friend by buying them an entry fee for one or more amateur races and giving them a challenge of their lives. L’Etape du Tour, Paris-Roubaix Challenge, UCI Gran Fondo Series, Nove Colli or other cycling challenge will be an amazing and, in most cases, unexpected present for sure.


There is always the need for a new water bottle aka the “bidon”. Every rider is happy to get a brand new accessory for their next ride. You can get merchandise editions in colours of their favourite professional teams or simple, neutral ones, made in minimalistic design. Just tastefully match it with the bike-frame design or the rider’s jersey colours. Always opt for modern, antibacterial long-life materials that are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Chamois creme

“Don’t mess with your butt!” is one of the most important cycling rules. Doesn’t matter if you ride for five hours in hot weather or you just go for a 90-minute quick ride on a November rainy day. Chamois creme should be the guardian angel of your everyday smooth riding. With this Christmas gift, you show that you really, truly care. There are a lot of brands and products already on the market (eg. Assos, Bina, Sixtus, Robbie McEwan’s RMC) and the price usually starts at 9 EUR.

Saddle mudguard

Don’t mess with your ass! (part 2) Popular, simple and plastic fender or mudguard, so called “ass saver”, easily fitted to the saddle helps to keep rider’s backside dry. It’s not perfect for riding in heavy rain (honestly, in that moment nothing can save you anyway…), but it’s great support on wet roads. Ultra lite, just clip-on, no tools needed. It’s super cheap and you can choose from hundreds of designs and brands.

Breathing training device

No surprise, every rider, every human needs oxygen. Stronger breathing muscles and increased lung capacity help to get more of vital oxygen into body. Although breathing is our natural, native ability, it can be trained and improved same way as other activities and performance. Resistance breathing training device (eg. PowerBreathe Plus) is simple and easy-to-use training tool. Just 30 inhale/exhale reps twice a day will make a positive impact on rider’s fitness and health, both on and off the bike. This Christmas gift could start new daily routine now in off-season and then helps to start the season in better shape.