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Cheap Cycling Presents from China That’ll Arrive in Time for Christmas

By Christopher Ashley

If you’re worried about safety or a tailored fit, visit your local bike shop. But some items are well worth saving money on – and we’ve done the homework for you…

A pair of gloves $3.85

Gloves work on the same equation as bicycles – you own N+1 pairs of gloves where N is the number of gloves you own. Any winter cyclist will be glad to open this pair on Christmas day. The snug fit with Lycra stretch will keep you comfortable on the bars, while viscose microfibre will keep your fingers toasty.

Carbon bottle cage $9.01

Evans list the Bontrager RXXXL Carbon Bottle Cage for £44.99, and weighing in at 19g you can see the appeal for the weight-watchers in your cycle club. However, a Chinese company is happy to send you the RXL SL for the unbelievably low price of $9.01 and guess what?  It’s a gram lighter than the Bontrager.

Carbon-fibre seatpost $20.88

Hurry if you want to snap this up at the sale price! Because usually it costs $24.86!  I know, right?  Not exactly going to break the bank.  For that money you get a 400mm seatpost with a 25mm offset weighing in at 190g.  For some perspective, the same spec product by the excellent Syncros will set you back £116.99 – and weigh 20g more.

Clear goggles $10.79

If, like me, you insist on cycling all winter, chances are you’re going to do a lot of cycling in the dark. I love winter, but I don’t like freezing cold eyeballs.  It’s time to get some clear lens glasses – oh… and these are vented to reduce fogging when you stop at the lights. I confess, I’ll be sticking to my unobtanium gilded UV protection in summer, but come winter, I don’t want the salt getting to them.

Shimano SPD MTB pedals $40.33 including postage

At the time of writing, these are 25% off, but even at full price (just ten dollars more) you get authentic Shimano SPD clipless hardware.  Everyone knows that’s an unbelievable deal.  If you can find a better deal for 455g-per-pair MTB SPDs – please comment below.

Town-bike cockpit stash $18.74

If your friend has lots of deliveries to make around town and prefers a ride with high front clearance, this is the perfect present.  It’ll keep the worst of the weather off your mobile, but allow you to remain alert to all your incoming calls.

Side bags allow you to stash the goods enabling you to ply your trade around town.  Keep some gas canisters in there in case a damsel in distress needs to inflate tyres.