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Pro Gets Lost After Paris-Roubaix. Police Had to Escort Him off Motorway

By Monica Buck

Andrea Guardini from UAE Team Emirates was captured on video riding along a motorway by Quinten Couckuyt, who didn’t hesitate for a second and posted the footage on Twitter with the following caption: “Guardini knows the quickest way to Roubaix: the motorway.” A photo of Guardini’s bike in a police van appeared on Twitter as well. Rumours of the pro being arrested spread quickly throughout social media.

The past Giro d’Italia stage winner insisted the reports were exaggerated, but he did indeed get lost after abandoning the race at the second food stop. He headed straight for Roubaix, trying to avoid the zig-zagging route of the race.

“I would have arrived 40 minutes ahead of the others if I hadn’t found myself on a high-speed road. Luckily the Gendarmerie found me and took me to their barracks. I really must thank them truly from my heart for their hospitality, they even let me watch the end of the race … they were very kind. From there, I was able to contact my wife, who got in touch with the team through a few phone calls, who came to get me. They’re still taking the piss. Who knows what I’ll have to do to clear my name, but you should all know that I wasn’t arrested! My criminal file is still unblemished, we all had a big laugh about it and I can say I have an original story to talk about from my career!” Guardini wrote on his Facebook page.

It’s certainly one to tell your grandchildren, Andrea!