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10 Best Cycling Videos of 2016

By Frantiska Blazkova

Many people are getting the notion lately that 2016 is somehow cursed and that it should pack its bags and just shove off already. Most probably, it’s the media that are to blame – celebrity deaths, politics, terrorist attacks, millennials dooming our future, you name it, the whole package is shovelled at us from all directions. But we know better. Even if all the world seems to be crumbling apart around our ears you don’t have to be an archaeologist to dug out all the good stuff that happened. We’ve decided to set an example and below you’ll find the best serving of videos from all fields of our beloved sport. The rest is up to you. See you in 2017!

1) Let’s start on a mellow note. The 360° technology is becoming increasingly more popular and the world of cycling entered the 21st century successfully. You might remember Copenhagener Mikael Colville-Andersen from our article about “Viking Biking”. But he does not only point his camera at other fellow cyclists – sometimes he just takes his 360° GoPro on a ride through the city, so if you want to save some travelling money and experience that Dutch cycling feeling join Mikael on a lovely winter’s day ride.

2) Our friends at Red Bull are known for supporting all kinds of insane activities. Urban downhill racing used to be a slightly awkward but spectacular sport that was fun to watch, but recently it became many pro riders’ favourite mainstay during their off-season. Forget dirt roads and enjoy urban landscapes with all their perils – rooftop gaps, stray dogs, and loitering crowds at Red Bull Cerro Abajo Valparaíso 2016 from Chile.

3) Slightly deviating from the urban cycling theme in a completely unpredictable way, we were amazed to find this group of daredevils who, allegedly for years, talked about sneaking into a public waterpark with their BMX bikes. And guess what? Yup, that’s exactly what they did. On this year’s Thanksgiving day, Billy Perry and his friends embarked on a (totally illegal) journey just for the lark of it. We guess it’s half the fun without the exciting possibility of someone getting arrested. Talk about adrenaline junkies.


4) On a more legal note, just sit back and simply enjoy this compilation of the best BMX tricks that 2016 had to offer. All the riders make it seem pretty effortless but we can’t imagine staying on the bike for the first two seconds of every trick so we at least tried to keep our jaws from dropping.

5) Mountain Bikers Are Awesome – that’s both name of the YouTube channel and the annual compilations they make. Shot in glorious HD, you can enjoy both the crazies and the breathtaking nature surrounding them. Personally, I’m still convinced that these guys’ level of self-preservation is exactly zero but it’s oh-so satisfying to watch.

6) It wouldn’t be a complete compilation without a good ol’ GoPro course preview video. These things are great for giving us the sense of participation without as much as lifting our behinds off whatever surface they happen to be lodged into. Great Britain’s Scott Beaumont taking on the 4X course in Val di Sole Trentino, Italy, is exactly what we need to get our adrenaline spike from the comfort of our homes.


7) This footage’s name is pretty self-explanatory. Check out the best nerve-wracking and almost (butt) cheek to cheek battles of 2016.


8) Virtually every sport has a side that is not entirely serious. The lads and lassies in bibs and Lycra outfits aren’t machines – they have their soft spots and sometimes they’re down to just plain old mischief. From Froome running at the Mont Ventoux to awesome crash avoidances, sometimes it’s all about one-man show even among a huge crowd.


9) Schadenfreudes all around the globe, rejoice. You will be treated to the juiciest fails, crashes, falls, dirt-eating, and pavement-kissing we could find in the depths of the internet. But don’t laugh too hard because we cannot be entirely sure that a little thing called karma doesn’t really exist. Our New Year’s wish is that you won’t be subjected to anything similar in the course of 2017. See? That’s how nice we are.


10) Scream and shout, and let it all out. We are all emotional human beings after all and if something doesn’t go exactly as planned we might sometimes give in to frustration and anger tantrums. Pros or not, cyclists are no different. But remember, it’s healthy to let the steam off from time to time, as long as you cause no harm and look hilarious.