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Bicycle Art: Guy Puts Us All to Shame with Just His Index Finger

By Frantiska Blazkova

There is always somebody who has to make things better. While we all are just having fun, there’s always this one guy who has to take it up a notch. Whether it’s a breathtaking cosplay costume (compared to our feeble Halloween efforts), a gorgeous garden gazebo (next to our plank roof with wooden sticks supporting the corners), or finger painting. It’s for kids who love it because they can wreak havoc with their tiny hands, eventually creating all shades of greyish-brown, and adults who like effortless unwinding artistic activities. Right? You might think again after seeing what Drew has got in store.

Drew Sprocket owns the Instagram account idrewyourbike (we see what you did there) and as you can see for yourself he really likes to draw bikes.

At first we were really enjoying his simplified yet accurate drawings, but it was the account description that caught our attention. It states “I creep on cool bikes I find on Instagram, then draw them. All drawings done by my right pointer finger on my iPhone screen.” We are absolutely fine with creeping, but do come on, no tablet, no fancy graphic software? We just had to investigate, which sparked the following exchange.

We Love Cycling: “Why have you decided to do what you do? What was the initial thought or impulse?”

Drew: “I’m really into bikes and follow a lot of cyclists on Instagram. Some of their bike builds are like beautiful, one-of-a-kind works of art, so I decided to start documenting them with drawings. I use only my iPhone and right index finger when drawing to keep things simple.”

We Love Cycling: “Do you do commissions or choose randomly?”

Drew: “I started by choosing somewhat randomly with bikes that struck my fancy at the time. Lately I’ve started to get more requests for custom mini bike portrait commissions, which are always fun. People like having a hand-drawn picture of their bike to put on the wall or post to social media.”

Be sure to check more of Drew’s art on his Instagram!