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The Essential Package of Tips for Any Beginner Cyclist by Juliet Elliott

By Juliet Elliott

Saddling up on two wheels as a beginner might sound like a daunting task, especially well into adulthood. Whether you’re dusting off your skills, looking into more hours spent on the bike, either commuting or riding outdoors, or actually starting to cycle for the first time ever, I’ve got your back.

In this video, I’ll be sharing essential tips and insights that beginner cyclists might not know about, drawing from my own experiences when I was starting my cycling journey. Let me know in the comments if I missed anything crucial or if you learnt any tip that is a lifesaver for you when on the bike!

Here’s your checklist of the main talking points:

1. One of the most crucial tips for climbing hills is to keep moving, no matter how slowly. The key is to not stop until you reach the top.

2. It’s essential to fuel yourself during bike rides, especially for journeys over an hour and a half. Eating regularly during your ride can enhance your experience.

3. Proper bike setup is critical for an enjoyable ride. Ensure your saddle height is correct, and if uncertain, consult your local bike shop.

4. A common mistake among beginners is wearing pants under bib shorts. The pad inside should be worn against the skin to prevent chafing. If chafing occurs, try to alleviate it with a chamois cream or a different type of saddle.

5. If you’re aiming to ride longer distances, a good strategy is to lower your intensity. Often, your legs can handle more than your mind believes they can.

6. Always be prepared with tools and spares. At the very least, carry a spare tube, pump, Allen keys, and tyre levers.

7. For beginners, it’s recommended to start with mountain bike shoes and pedals when riding clipped in, as they are easier to manage and give more confidence.

8. Engaging with a cycling community or riding with friends can significantly improve your cycling experience, allowing you to ride longer and faster.

9. For those targeting weight loss, it’s recommended to focus on diet outside of cycling times.

Remember, cycling is not just about physical health, but it also greatly benefits your mental well-being. Happy cycling!