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The Titans of the Škoda WE LOVE CYCLING TEAM: Meet Zuzana Boháčová

By Joshua Donaldson

In each race, every single rider has a story to tell. During this year’s Titan Desert, we are charting the journeys of eight racers from all over the world who are tackling the race in Morocco. With a dearth of experience across many terrains, they all have their unique attributes to succeed on the sands.

Here, We Love Cycling speaks to Zuzana Boháčová, a Czech multi-disciplinary cyclist, who has performed well in sportives such as the L’Etape Czech Republic in the past. At the Škoda Titan Desert, though, she is tackling her first stage race ever after some great results in one-day racing.

From Velké Poříčí in the northeast of the Czech Republic but now residing in Prague, Zuzana is heading to new terrain when she travels to Morocco in May. She explained: “We have no desert or sand area in the Czech Republic. So I trained mostly on my road and gravel bike to ride some kilometres. Since I work in the office during the day, I get on the bike either in the evenings or on weekends.

“I’m most looking forward to the desert! I’ve never been in any, nor can I imagine what awaits me in the dunes. And maybe it’s good for me. If I knew it, I’d probably not enter the race.”


Not only is this her first stage race but it will also be her first trip to Morocco, something she is relishing. She added: “I’m expecting everything. Hot and cold weather, a limited amount of water, lack of sleep and a lot of pitfalls on the route in the form of stones and deep sand.

“On the other hand, I know that participation in the Škoda Titan Desert is a lifelong experience. I look forward to a relaxed atmosphere at the bivouac and I am curious about the rest of the team members who have much more experience than I do.”

Unlike some of the other riders, Zuzana is not a full-time cyclist. She has spent her time juggling a full-time job with training, something that has led her to some great results. The 28-year-old said: “I’m just a hobby cyclist, so I ride a bike for fun and race when I want to race. What I value most is the victory at the Czech Cycling Amateur Road National Championship and third place in the long stage of L’Étape Czech Republic by Tour de France.”

She may call herself a hobby cyclist but from her past results, expect Zuzana to progress well in her first Titan.