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3 Tips to Help You Survive the New Year’s as a Cyclist

By Jiri Kaloc

The New Year’s is here and we all know what that means. The optimal cycling weight we have all been working on is in danger! Let’s keep it simple. Focus on the following three things and you will avoid overeating, manage alcohol, and start the New Year the right way.

1. Celebrate for a day not for a week

New Year's party
Be warned, missed rides will soon take their toll and you’ll be surprised how quickly fitness can fall away – especially if your diet and sleeping schedule are also getting completely derailed. © Profimedia

The biggest reason why people gain weight over the holidays is not because of one meal or the New Year’s alcohol consumption. It’s a fact that all common sense around food goes out the window for the holidays. If you are out of control around food for one or two weeks straight you can put on significant weight.

Rule number one is, keep your celebrations compact. Celebrate for one day the way you like it, But that’s it. Go back to your usual way of eating the next day. Start the New Year with a good breakfast – a breakfast that’s rich in protein and fibre will make it easier to avoid cravings and overeating for the rest of the day. Try an omelette with vegetables and porridge on the side. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. And freeze leftovers so you don’t feel pressured to eat everything quickly.

2. Don’t let alcohol ruin the fun

Alcoholic cocktail
A reasonable night out can easily give your body more calories than a big meal. © Profimedia

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s, or any other party, alcohol can always improve or ruin the occasion. It all depends on how you use it. Nobody likes to wake up with a massive hangover not §remembering what they did and finding out embarrassing stories later. Here are a few tips that will help you enjoy alcohol in a reasonable way.

● Eat before and during the party – This is a well-known rule for a good reason. It works. Start your celebrations well-fed and have something to eat between drinks too. It will make a huge difference.

● Alternate alcohol with water – Staying hydrated will improve how you feel the next day and it will also prevent you from getting drunk fast.

● Go with lighter drinks or cocktails – Drinks with lower alcohol content like lager beer will allow you to drink longer without getting too drunk. If you prefer something stronger, consider making mixed drinks.

● Surround yourself with the right people – All of these tips can be quickly forgotten if you go to a party with people that don’t share the same perspective. Celebrate with like-minded people or at least have a buddy that will do it this way with you.

3. Set exciting goals for next years

Cycling in the mountains
The science of habit forming might help you understand how to set up resolutions even better. © Profimedia

One thing that will help you stay on track during the holiday season or at least get you back on track quickly is having exciting goals. Think about your next season or the next year in general and try to set yourself some exciting goals. Maybe completing your first 100-mile bike race? Or scheduling your dream cycling holiday or a multi-day adventure? Anything that you can look forward to and that will challenge you.

Getting back into training and eating well in January is not the easiest thing for a cyclist. Consider getting an indoor setup. Having new equipment can be the extra little bit of motivation to help you stay active and in a training mindset. Check out our series on training at home if you want to get started.