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#Ride2Unite Livestream Number 4: Michael ‘Bling’ Matthews of Team Sunweb

By Frantiska Blazkova

The #Ride2Unite livestream series is solely focused on uplifting, bonding and entertaining the cycling community in these challenging times and beyond. Since the launch of We Love Cycling, we’ve vowed to support all cycling fans with a steady stream of news, entertainment and journalism about their beloved sport and we’re bound to uphold this promise now more than ever. Welcome to the introduction of our fourth #Ride2Unite livestream with Michael Matthews, hosted by Laura Meseguer!

As the title suggests, Michael is one of the pro riders that earned himself a nickname – ‘Bling’ came about because of his notable love for shiny earrings. Not to take attention away from his exceptional talent, though, Michael is one of the most successful Australian riders in the pro peloton today. A renowned sprinter and puncheur, Matthews has won a Grand Tour stage every year since 2013 and several points jerseys throughout his career including back to back green jerseys in Paris-Nice. If you dig around on the web for a bit, you’ll find out that despite that lavish nickname, Michael is a thoroughly down-to-earth guy who takes pride and joy in his daughter, loves sushi and his hobbies include go-karting and motocross. That’s why we’re looking forward to introducing him to you online with our charming host and interviewer Laura Meseguer, who is a known Spanish sports journalist and Eurosport presenter.


Tune in to our IGTV channel here on Wednesday 10th June, 2020, 6 PM CET for another dose of #Ride2Unite. Michael and Laura will debate the coexistence of family life and cycling, life-changing races, his career with Team Sunweb, the circumstances of the abruptly cancelled 2020 cycling season, home training and more.