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German Woman Aims to Ride La Vuelta Ahead of the Pro Peloton

By Monica Buck

Monika Sattler, known as RAD Monika, wants to become the first-ever woman to ride the entire Vuelta route on the same day as the pros. She will start on Saturday 25 August just a few hours before the beginning of the team time trial. 3,250 kilometres, 46 peaks, and 5 mountain summit finishes lie ahead of her. She is, however, confident that she will achieve the immense challenge.

RAD Monika gave up her career in management consulting to focus on her passion for cycling. The 32-year-old moved from Germany to Mallorca and rides hard every day. As part of her training, she did a 1,100-kilometre ride from her new home to Munich in 5 days. Wearing her Superwoman outfit, she visited children hospitals along the way, trying to inspire the kids to dream big and achieve their goals. Which is what she is trying to do now.

Sattler is raising money for a professional film crew to follow her during the challenge at La Vuelta.

‘The documentary is about how anyone can be bold and fearless to go for their goals!’ says Monika.

You can contribute to her cause and find out more about her passion on her Facebook page.