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Pro-Cycling Graffiti Slowly Changes the Bike-Unfriendly Beirut

By Monica Buck

The streets of the cities are changing everywhere around the world. Even in the most bike-unfriendly places, local councils are slowly beginning to understand the importance of proper cycling infrastructure. And when the government seemingly fails to act, the change comes from within the community itself. The Chain Effect from Beirut being a great example of that. The organization enlists locals of all ages to become pro-cycling graffiti artists. And the messages written on the walls in the areas of heavy congestion are slowly turning the tide around. You can check out their work in the gallery below.

Young faces at wall painting session 🙂
Get on your bike and ride! Hamra, Beirut
Entrance to Dar Bistro & Books
Bikes everywhere
Ready for cycling revolution
Ride your bike!
The Chain Effect has a lot of volunteers
Civic education for change
The organization enlists locals of all ages
Cycling love
The Chain Effect
Wall in the making