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Best Autumn Bike Videos

By Angie Ng

Depending on where you’re living, the leaves may be changing colours, or the branches may be more or less bare.  Of course, the weather has probably gotten chilly, too – brrrr! What do you associate the fall season with? Halloween perhaps? We’ve compiled a few crazy MTB videos just for this wonderful time of the year.

Want to see what Danny MacAskill does on his day off?

For those who are into Halloween, here is the “creepy, special Halloween edit” of an MTB video:


This short clip features someone on his mountain bike, in the forest with lots of leaves on the ground, which is good for him, because he takes a bad fall!

Here’s another one for those who like Halloween… or costumes in general.  Have you ever heard of a “Zombie Bike Ride”?  It’s not that scary – kids were invited!

Using the autumn cityscape as a background Max Schrom, two-time Guinness world record holder, shows us some extreme MTB stunts.

Okay, I couldn’t resist leaving you with another Halloween video in here.  Have you ever gone cycling in a Halloween costume?  These people did some dirt biking in their festive gear.