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Contador Talks About Lifetime Bans for Mechanical Doping

By We Love Cycling

Alberto Contador was one of the last cycling personages to speak up about mechanical doping. The roaring scandal made almost everyone express their opinions and now even the Spaniard weighs in.

“I do not expect that someone in the pro peloton will be caught,” said Contador to cyclingnews.com and pointed out the checks made by the UCI. “Which fool would get it into his head, to take part in that story? It is unfortunate that cycling is now confronting this again.”

The report made by the French TV Stade 2 and Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera at the Italian races Strade Bianche and Coppi e Bartali showed that many cyclists might take those risks though. The journalists claim that seven pros had hidden motors in their bicycles. Read more about it HERE.

“First there was the fight against doping. The brouhaha had died down and now the affair of mechanical fraud. It’s a pity. I therefore believe that anyone caught in such matter must be dealt with. A lifetime suspension must be the only verdict. No pardon,” said Contador and joined the other big names, like Wiggins or Merckx, who already supported the ’death sentence’ for cheating riders.

There were some talks of Contador using a mechanically doped bicycle at the 2015 Giro d’Italia, so his say in the scandal has been awaited for quite some time. Do you believe that nobody in the pro peloton would dare to ride a rigged bike?