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Review: Fabia ScoutLine – made for cyclists

By Adam Marsal

The third generation Škoda Fabia Combi comes with rugged, adventure-styled ScoutLine variant to the European markets and we decided to give it a try from a cyclist point of view.

The name itself suggests lot of adventure. We asked two mountain bikers to take the car for a ride to learn, what’s all about. With the bicycle roof rack from Škoda Genuine Accessories it was pretty easy for them to transport their bikes to the desired destination.


„Škoda designers have certainly done a good job”, one of the riders says. Armoured with all-round protective details, the Škoda Fabia Combi ScoutLine announces its fearlessness for the first sight. On the outside, the car features unique plastic elements on the front and rear bumpers finished in matte-black, integrated under-ride protection finished in reflex-silver, plastic cladding for the doorsills and wheel arches, reflex-silver door mirror housings and silver-painted roof rails.

„The modifications are mainly about styling, but it ‘s always good to know, that scratches automatically gained on the dirtier roads won’t drive you mad. It’s tougher looking and more free-time-orientated than the basic version,” biker says.

Fabia ScoutLine can stand proud with its generous interior. Beyond any doubts it has one of the largest boot in its segment, which is always handy for a travelling cyclists. There’s even more space than in a BMW 3 Series Touring. This storage is also highly functional with up to 17 practical ‘Simply Clever’ solutions.

Thanks to the cleverly designed network of meshing, hooks and shelves in the boot, there is no need to compromise between agility and practicality.

Designed to be your companion for your tours outdoor it’s provided with rubber foot mats. All of them better protects the car’s carpets from water, snow, muck, and other things that can get tracked into the vehicle or spilled onto the floor. On the photos can be seen, that bikers appreciated this feature after they came back from the ride. You get a choice of six engines with between 75 and 110 PS.

What to say at the end? It rides very well, can be massively accommodating and has more character than your average Škoda – so if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous than a conventional estate, the Fabia ScoutLine could prove the perfect choice.

It’s the great reflection of what Škoda stands for. It offers a lot for the money, especially for those who value useful load space and appreciate solid build quality.