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Video Guide: Survive Cycling in Amsterdam

By Adam Marsal

Never ride drunk or stoned! This is one of worthy advices given by comedian Maxim Hartman. The Dutch actor released a cycling video to encourage visitors in Amsterdam to use their bicycles safely because of a spike in accidents on the city’s crowded streets. 

There are more than 240 miles of cycle lanes across Amsterdam, which have priority over cars, and 880 000 bicycles compared with a human population of 800,000. Studies have shown that 83 per cent of people use their bike at least once a week with between 12,000 and 15,000 bikes being fished out of the canals on an average year.

For everybody visiting the city from abroad this should be a quick “user manual” movie. Tourists are warned not to ride hungry or in front of the dashing tram. A video says more than thousand words, so lean back and enjoy it.