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Radbahn: Cycle Through the Heart of Berlin

By Martin Mrazek

Protected, stress-free and rapid urban mobility. That is the idea behind Radbahn, a 9-kilometer long (mostly) sheltered bike path, which promises to connect the west with the east of Berlin through the city center.

The clever design makes a great use of the space under the iconic U1 railway line and provides rain and snow free bicycle route for Berlin’s liveliest neighborhoods. Radbahn’s creators believe people would cycle much more, if they could do so in a safe and comfortable environment.

„Anyone who has cycled in Copenhagen or Amsterdam understands this: in these places, cycling is all about enjoying the benefits of self-derived mobility and the recognition that cyclists are an equal part of the urban traffic mix,“ say the creators who hope to show the Berlin citizens just how much fun it can be to navigate the city, independent of heavy traffic.


That’s why they hope to create many leisure activities along the Radbahn. Relaxing dock on the canal, a café in Gleisdreieck park or even a beer garden. There should be also some service workshops along the way where cyclists could do some quick repairs. So far, the project looks very promising.


“We are amazed by the support Radbahn has received. The Senate of Berlin has also agreed to conduct a feasibility study for the Radbahn. Now is the time to develop CO2-friendly means of transportation and infrastructure that provides safe and healthy commuting. We want to make Berlin the number one cycling city in Europe,” told us Martti Mela, one of the Radbahn Team members.

The great thing about this plan is that 80% of the planned route is already prepared for use. All it takes to complete this project is overcoming a few obstacles by building a couple of suspension bridges and altering the traffic.


Come on, Berlin. Make this one happen!