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A Day of Pro Coaching

By Adam Marsal

At WeLoveCycling our name says it all. We simply love cycling and want to share our passion for riding with others. That’s why we set up a one-day training camp for some of our friends and colleagues. What better way to build biking confidence and have fun than a day spent riding trails and rocking the bike park with a pro?

With ten years of mountain biking coaching under his belt, WLC ambassador and pro cyclist Richard “Gaspi” Gasperotti was just the right person to take seven cycling enthusiasts out for a day of riding thrills.

Gathering early on a sunny Saturday morning in May on the hilly outskirts of Prague, he didn’t waste any time. After some stretching, Gaspi got everyone up and going on their bikes, while a Škoda Octavia Combi brought up the rear with three extra bikes, just in case.

Just like in any other sport, a good coach lays the foundation for an athlete’s improved performance. Gaspi started by teaching our riders fundamental safety skills to help boost their confidence on any kind of terrain and in any situation. He then stopped periodically to highlight different techniques for shifting, cornering, climbing, staying balanced and rocketing down hill.

You don’t get better without taking some knocks along the way, though. The day saw a few “endoes” – that’s cycling lingo for going end-over-end over the handlebars – as well as other painful moments. But Gaspi and crew were there all the way to give each of our riders the individual attention they needed to bring their skills up to speed. And the riders? They loved every minute of it.

Meanwhile, three lucky winners of our recent Adventure Camp contest will be heading to Lago di Garda in a few weeks for three days of professional coaching and riding on the world famous trails surrounding the scenic Italian lakes.

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