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Not Your Average Fan!

By Adam Ulrich

There are hundreds, rather thousands of fans of the Tour who wake up early to find the perfect spot along the course and even more that are tuned into their television sets around the world feeling the spirit of the race.

Every one of them feels the energy and passion surrounding this historic event to a degree that they honestly, in turn, contribute to the strength and solidarity of its culture. However, the draw that so many feel towards the Tour, knowingly to die-hard fans, comes from those who truly and traditionally build its way of life.

Like all great civilizations or societies throughout history, there have been certain leaders or pioneers of the times, who not only trail-blazed, but also helped establish a certain ‘Code of Laws (and Respect)’ for the sanctuary and livelihood of their nation. Still today such pioneers still exist and greatly bestow the traditions as they uniquely live among their society.

Although in our video we have profiled only two of such prominent figure living within the foundational community of the Tour, let it be known that there are several other worthy comparable contributors to this great culture.