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  • take-your-friends-on-a-virtual-group-ride

    Take Your Friends on a Virtual Group Ride!

    This is something only few may have expected. Many professional races were cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and many countries have applied strict restrictions concerning public gatherings. It’s recommended to meet as few people as possible because anyone may be infected. Amateur pelotons…

  • cbd-for-cycling-recovery

    CBD for Cycling Recovery

    CBD is a new and exciting supplement that boasts a variety of benefits for athletic recovery. It’s supposed to help with pain relief, sleep quality, and anti-inflammation. Some athletes are using it and swear by its efficacy but the science isn’t really there yet. Let’s…

  • what-do-the-tour-de-france-riders-eat

    What Do the Tour de France Riders Eat?

    It used to be a lot of bread and pasta, not anymore. Even though every Tour De France rider will burn approximately 140 000 kcal during the 21 days of racing, their diet has to stay pretty diverse and full of quality nutrition. In this article,…