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  • how-to-change-the-brake-and-shifter-cables-on-your-bike

    How to Change the Brake and Shifter Cables on Your Bike

    Sometimes you can spend hours trying to fix your bike without any success because you have overlooked the cable. Shifter cables can stop functioning properly for many reasons. They can get rusty, dirty, or they can bend. The outcome? Your bike will stop working smoothly.…

  • 3-tools-you-cant-live-without-as-a-cyclist

    3 Tools You Can’t Live Without As a Cyclist

    Everyone thinks they know best when it comes to tools, maintenance, and spending time with their bike when they’re not riding it. I’m here to tell you you’re all wrong – and I’m right. Here are the tools you can’t live without.

  • pandemic-cycling-dispatches-from-mallorca

    Pandemic Cycling: Dispatches from Mallorca

    Originally from New York, Julie Chasin moved to Mallorca in 2018 to pursue her dream of becoming a cycling guide. After getting settled and a successful season hustling as a freelance guide, she started her own company, Venga Cycling, a guiding business where she also…