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  • pandemic-cycling-dispatches-from-mallorca

    Pandemic Cycling: Dispatches from Mallorca

    Originally from New York, Julie Chasin moved to Mallorca in 2018 to pursue her dream of becoming a cycling guide. After getting settled and a successful season hustling as a freelance guide, she started her own company, Venga Cycling, a guiding business where she also…

  • whats-ahead-for-the-global-bicycle-market

    What’s Ahead for the Global Bicycle Market

    The Covid-19 pandemic has been bad for nearly everyone and everything, and its ultimate consequences for the global economy cannot be measured yet. But it will be bad, probably very bad. But not for the bicycle industry.

  • top-womens-bike-saddles

    Top Women’s Bike Saddles

    Ah, the love-hate relationship we have with our saddles. Especially when starting out, the saddle can be one of the biggest sources of discomfort and is what turns a lot of people off of cycling long distances (or cycling altogether!). For women in particular, the…

  • 6-bike-parts-you-shouldnt-spare-money-on

    6 Bike Parts You Shouldn’t Spare Money On

    Most of us have experienced an urge to waste money on trendy rubbish. Some goods are worth the higher investment, though. Professional biker Richard Gasperotti explains which components we should not buy cheap.