Made in Ireland – The Irish cycling gear making waves

By We Love Cycling

Ireland’s reputation for quality craftsmanship extends into the cycling world, where local brands are innovating and thriving, creating gear that’s not just functional but also tailored to the challenges of the Irish climate and terrain.

In this article, we’re proud to spotlight five exceptional Irish cycling gear manufacturers. These trailblazers are making significant impacts by combining craftsmanship with contemporary innovation, epitomising the best of what Ireland has to offer!

FiftyOne Bikes – Bespoke bicycles

At the heart of Ireland’s cycling innovation is FiftyOne Bikes, a brand renowned for its bespoke carbon fibre bicycles.

Each bike is tailor-made in Dublin, reflecting the rider’s unique riding style and requirements. What sets FiftyOne apart is their meticulous attention to detail and the bespoke nature of their bikes – each frame is crafted to deliver top-notch performance and comfort.

These bikes are not only a testament to Irish craftsmanship but also to the potential of custom-built bikes in enhancing cycling performance.

Image – @fiftyonebikes

SeeSense – Intelligent lighting for safer rides

SeeSense is making a significant impact on cycling safety with its intelligent bike lights. These lights are designed to adjust brightness based on the lighting conditions and the cyclist’s movements, significantly enhancing visibility and safety.

Award-winning and highly acclaimed, SeeSense lights use advanced sensor technology to detect when a rider is at higher risk and increase brightness and flash rate, ensuring the cyclist is noticed by other road users.

Image – @seesense_cc

Galibier – Durable apparel for the Irish elements

The unpredictable Irish climate calls for exceptional cycling wear, and Galibier is a brand that’s up to the challenge. Known for their durable yet comfortable cycling jackets, jerseys, and accessories, Galibier combines technical fabrics with practical design.

Their gear is tested on Irish roads, ensuring that it stands up to the elements – be it rain, wind, or the occasional sunny day! Irish cyclists appreciate Galibier for its blend of style, comfort, and resilience, making it ideal for both casual rides and competitive races.

Image – @galibiervelo

Spin11 – Custom kits for teams and clubs

Spin11 thrives on its ability to deliver custom cycling apparel that meets the specific needs of teams and clubs across Ireland and beyond. Offering a range of jerseys, bib shorts, and accessories, Spin11 uses high-performance materials and vibrant, fade-resistant printing technologies.

This brand is particularly popular among local cycling clubs for its responsive design process and quick delivery times, making it easy for teams to have uniformity while showcasing unique designs!

Image – @spin_11

Victory Chimp – Where art meets the road

Nestled in the lush landscapes of Northern Ireland, Victory Chimp is a company that stands out in the cycling world for its distinctive blend of performance and style. Founded by Ryan O’Reilly, an illustrator turned cyclist, Victory Chimp offers cycling apparel that is as functional as it is visually striking.

Victory Champ’s cycling gear caters to all levels of cyclists, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Their products are renowned for their technical excellence, using fabrics that offer optimal moisture management, UV protection and aerodynamic benefits, ensuring that every ride is a comfortable one, no matter the conditions!

Image – @victorychimps

It’s clear that Irish cycling gear manufacturers are defining themselves not just on the national stage but globally, with products designed to handle the specific needs of cyclists, whether they’re commuting, touring, or racing! If you’re in need of a local cycling shop, take a look at our shortlist of the bike shops you need to put on your radar for 2024!