Supporting local – Bike shops you need to put on your radar for 2024

By We Love Cycling

In Ireland, cycling isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a passion that unites communities. At the forefront of this passion are local bike shops, the unsung heroes and the heartbeats of the cycling world. These local shops offer more than just products; they provide expertise, personalised service, and a sense of community that bigger retailers often can’t match.

Get set to embark on a journey through some of Ireland’s finest local bike shops…


Donnybrook Bikes, Dublin 4 – The Urban Cyclist’s Haven

Nestled in the bustling streets of Dublin 4, Donnybrook Bikes has become a sanctuary for urban cyclists. Known for its extensive range of city bikes, this shop caters to the daily commuter and the weekend cyclist alike.

What sets Donnybrook Bikes apart is their commitment to a personalised service. Their expert staff don’t just sell bikes; they help you find your perfect urban companion, considering everything from your daily route to your riding style!

Re-Cycle Bikes in Stepaside, Dublin – Sustainability and Community

Re-Cycle Bikes was set up when its founders noticed a gap in the market for quality second-hand bikes at affordable prices. They began accepting trade-ins and have since diverted over 43,000 tonnes of bikes from landfill by recycling them.

The team at Re-Cycle pride themselves on offering a range of carefully inspected and serviced second-hand bikes for every family member, ensuring quality and affordability. In addition, they provide expert bike repair and maintenance services, along with eco-friendly tyre and tube recycling solutions.


Victoria Cross Cycles, Cork – Where Tradition Meets Innovation

In Cork City, Victoria Cross Cycles blends the charm of traditional cycling culture with the latest technology. Whether you’re looking for a rugged mountain bike to conquer Munster’s famous trails or a sleek road bike for competitive racing, Victoria Cross has it all.

Established in 1987, their in-house experts are also seasoned cyclists who offer invaluable advice, from the best local routes to tips on improving your performance – win, win!

Raw Cycles, Limerick – The One-Stop Shop

Raw Cycles in Limerick is a dynamic hub for cycling enthusiasts, offering an impressive array of bikes and skateboards. Located at Delta Retail Park, their expansive showroom features leading brands like Orbea, Trek and Giant, amongst others.

Their expertise also extends beyond sales, with Cytech qualified mechanics providing top-notch bike and skateboard services to the local community.


West Side Cycles, Galway – A Hidden Gem

With 27 years in business, West Side Cycles offer a wide range of bicycles to suit every type of cyclist, including Commuter Bikes, E-bikes, Off-Road Mountain Bikes, Gravel Bikes and Road Bikes.

If you’re using your bike to commute to work, West Side Cycles also offer comprehensive advice on the Cycle to Work scheme and how you can get money off your new bike through the initiative.


The Bike Mobile, Donegal – Accessible Bike Maintenance

Donegal’s The Bike Mobile offers a very convenient service of mobile bike repair and hire, eliminating the hassle of taking bikes to a shop. From kids bikes to BMX, they’re able to repair all kinds of bikes and their services are available at flexible times, including evenings and weekends.

The Bike Mobile has also recently expanded into mobile bike hire, providing a fleet of modern e-bikes and hybrid bikes for both adults and children to try.

Now you’re up to speed on Ireland’s network of independent bike shops, why not plan your next scenic Irish coastal adventure on two wheels?