Cycling season must-haves!

By We Love Cycling

Now that the weather is a lot brighter and the days are getting longer, you’ll find that it’s the perfect season to take you bike out for a ride, which means one thing — time to treat yourself or a fellow cycling-loving pal to a few snazzy new bike accessories! Here’s our list of this season’s cycling must-haves.


If you’re ready to take your cycling capabilities to the next level and want to track your progress, then the Fitbit Versa 2 is the way to go. This nifty little gadget can do so much! For starters, its 24/7 heart rate tracker can work out how many calories you’re burning, your effort levels during bike rides and your cardio fitness level. It also tracks how much REM sleep you’re getting, gives you weather and news updates, can store and play more than 300 songs, along with doubling as a watch – making it the perfect gift for the gadget-lover in your life!


Now is an ideal time to upgrade your cycling attire. Instead of going for the same old boring colours, why not switch things up a bit? These bright and fun high-waisted PowerHold leggings from Fabletics are designed to hold you in without holding you back. Just what you need to make sure that the next time you hop on the saddle, you’re looking and feeling as stylish as ever!


If you’re due an upgrade in the sunglasses department, then check out these dhb pro triple lens sunglasses from A reasonable option which offers three different lenses for different light conditions, rubber grippers on rounded arms for a secure fit and 100% UVA and UVB protection. Feel at ease cycling from morning until evening with these at hand.


 Now that cycling season is coming into full swing, you might be worried about possible bike theft. In order to protect your beloved bike and give yourself peace of mind, perhaps you should think about investing in a bluetooth alarm bike lock. This waterproof, keyless gadget hooks right up to your phone, allowing you to leave your bike unattended knowing that if anyone were to tamper with the lock in any way an alarm would go off and you would be notified immediately.


 If you hate leaving your pet behind when you’re out on a ride, then why not take your little furry friend with you? With this handy little pet carrier attached to the front of your bike, travelling with your pets has never been easier. This carrier includes a storage pocket, padded bottom fleece mat and a short leash inside that can attach to your pet’s collar. Share the experience and let your pet enjoy some glorious fresh air.

Once your all kitted out, prepare your bike for springtime with these top tips.